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IRB Rockers

The IRB Rockers

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello all,


The Indian Beach ROCKERS lived up to their name today by scoring over 30 runs in a nine inning game.  We dazzled the ELKS with our combination of power and speed. 

In fact, we maxed out with 5 runs in several innings without recording a single out!


The defense only gave up 11 runs… many due to several balls becoming invisible in the sun as they traveled to our left fielder Rick Burdick.  The poor guy nearly lost

his head a couple of times.  Bobby Scholz switched with Rick and solved the problem by moving in and letting the ball go 10 feet over his head!  LOL.


Curtis made a great catch on one of my throws to second base to kill a rally.  Guy did a masterful job of umpiring and was profusely thanked by both teams!


Jamie went 6 for 5 as he ran around the bases twice on 1 hit and Dennis may have found a new position at 1st base scooping balls out of the dirt.


Congratulations to all my teammates for another foot stomping performance.


Al “The Pizza Man”


After Game Celebration at the Elks Club

​The hosting team invited us out for drinks the Elks Club in St. Pete. 

Here are some pics of both teams celebrating a great day on the field.

IRB Rockers
Elks Club Lodge #1224 Team
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