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IMPORTANT - Thursday Games Start Time

Hello ALL IRB Softballers,

After receiving input from some of the BOD, we have decided to handle the Thursday game start time as follows:

a) We will treat Thursday games the same as Monday & Tuesday in regard to start time

b) Thursday games will start at no later than 4:00pm and end no later than 5:00pm

c) Team Managers will be asked to encourage their players to get to the field as early as possible

d) As soon as both teams have at least 9 players (including 'subs' if the team has at least 8 roster players), warmups will end and the game will begin

e) If one or both teams cannot field a team of at least 8 roster players by 4:00pm, the game will be a forfeit and a win will be awarded if a team has 8 or

more roster players and a loss will be awarded if a team has 7 or less roster players. If neither team has 8 or more roster players, both teams will be awarded a loss

f) The game will be considered official regardless of the number of innings played


Board of Directors


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