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Some of the Important Highlights of the Board of Director’s meeting last night:

  1. Jeff Petracco has filled the vacant Board position and was voted as Secretary

  2. There will be 6 teams next season, our 5 existing managers will be joined by Kenny Washburn who will manage the Orange Team

  3. There is a makeup game today – Green vs Black at 4 pm

  4. There is a possible makeup game next Tuesday, Nov. 27 between Green and Blue at 4 pm

  5. The Draft is Dec. 3 at 5:30 pm at Jeff Petracco’s office – 13498 Walsingham Rd Largo, FL BYOB

  6. Playoff games will begin Dec. 4 at 5pm, warmups at 4:30 pm.

  7. Jersey sales will commence online on Dec. 3 until Dec. 15. After that date, you must contact Marc Moston directly for a jersey

  8. Bert Valery has announced he is forming 2 teams of Super Seniors who will play opposing teams from other leagues. Teams will play on Mondays. Contact Bert for info (727) 215-5560.

  9. In all likelihood we will play our games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next season.

  10. Due to the addition of a team, next season will still officially commence Week of Jan 13 and will run until Week of March 31. We will allow for make up games and then the playoffs once the Rules Committee establishes the playoff format.


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