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RULES UPDATE from Don Simons

IRB SSL Members,

On Tuesday Dec 18, the Rules Committee met to review and finalize rules for the Winter 2019 season and hopefully beyond. Thank you to Bob Linderman for hosting.

In attendance were Bob Linderman, Don Simons (via call in), John Thayer, Bert Valery, and 4 managers: Jimmy Jeswald, Larry Krutsinger, Gordon Orbarski and Kenny Washburn.

Absent were: Paul Stanley (down with a cold) and Curtis Mull (a work conflict). Both had stated that they would go with the majority opinion on the rules

All rules were discussed and understood. All attendees were in agreement with the wording of the proposals. Significant discussions were held regarding the revised limits to the pinch runner -- rule #23, listing more specifics and clarification on player rotation -- rule #30, and the elimination of the playoffs -- rule #34 and rule #35. We rejected having a base umpire calling the illegal high pitch. Home plate umpire keeps that responsibility.

The bold type and underline are used to highlight the significant changes and clarifications.

Because of the busy schedules during holidays, the Board approved the rules via e-mail vote.

We will have a laminated copy in the small black tote bag that we keep in the shed.

These rules are just to clarify some of the confusion from the previous seasons. They are not intended to take the “fun & friendly” out of the game.


Don Simons, Rules Committee Chair

* Please go to Members Only Page to review the rules document


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