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Subs for Fall Season Playoffs

Due to the fact that the Playoff schedule has changed 3 times since the Season Schedule was published, the Board of Directors and the Managers have decided to allow substitutes for the playoffs for this season only. It was brought to our attention that several players had made travel arrangements based on Playoffs not starting until after Thanksgiving, then there were no playoffs and now we have them this week. Those players will not be available to play and we felt in not fair to penalize a team in this instance.

The cause of this vacillation is that the City has changed their schedule for closing the field 3 times. In the City’s defense, the Director of Public Works suffered a severe injury and was out of the office for a long period of time. During his absence, the interim director had decided not to close the field, the Director returned to the office recently and decided the field requires maintenance and is closing it next week.

We apologize for the confusion and as a group felt that the only fair approach to this issue was to allow subs. The subs must come from the 2 non-playoff teams, will be picked by our Sub Master, Joel Neimark, and will be in accordance with our current sub rule for this season.

Thank you for your consideration.


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